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Tinnitus & Audiology Center of Southern California!

You may have experienced frustration and anger after being told "nothing can be done about your tinnitus" and "you will just have to live with it." Fortunately, THIS IS NO LONGER TRUE! Clinically proven treatments have been available at a few specialty facilities for over 15 years, but not in Southern California. Now, these treatments are all available here, at Tinnitus & Audiology Center of Southern California!

Is There a Cure for Tinnitus?

In most instances, there is no medical or surgical cure for tinnitus or decreased sound tolerance. However, the therapies we employ, which are virtually identical to those offered by the 3 leading tinnitus treatment centers in America, provide significant relief in over 80 percent of cases when the appropriate form of treatment is followed correctly. We offer 7 forms of Sound Therapy for tinnitus and 5 Sound Therapies to treat decreased sound tolerance (DST), including misophonia.

Our Method of Treatment

The primary approach to selecting treatments we use is called Progressive Audiologic Tinnitus Management (PATM). This method was developed by the Veterans Administration's National Center for Rehabilitative Audiologic Research in Portland, and is considered a "gold standard" of how to most effectively provide clinical management for these conditions. (This is the basis of new treatment programs at the V.A.) PATM, combined with clinically validated treatment protocols, such as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) following the Jastreboff Method, Neuromonics, and Hyperacusis Retraining Therapy (HRT), and the use of FDA cleared devices for tinnitus and masking, reduce:

  • distress
  • attention to and awareness of tinnitus and disturbing sounds
  • many of the physical and emotional discomforts you may be experiencing due to your condition when used properly.

The objective is for the Tinnitus Audiologist to select the best combination of treatments. We base our decisions on clinically-validated medical evidence, and the unique needs, capacity and preferences of each individual patient. After treatment selection, we provide guidance on how to properly follow the treatment method and correctly set Sound Therapy devices. Ideally, patients will participate in follow-up care to best insure treatment is properly followed, while monitoring the patient's auditory system for changes and indicators of progress.

Benefits of Treatment

  • Reduction in magnitude of disturbance and distress from tinnitus and decreased sound tolerance
  • Increased ability to focus attention away from tinnitus or sounds to restore concentration and reduce attention to the disturbing sound
  • Lessening of anxiety, stress and annoyance over tinnitus or decreased sound tolerance
  • Reduction or elimination of the need for medications used to cope with tinnitus or decreased sound tolerance
  • Restoration of ability to relax and sleep when caused by tinnitus
  • Increased sense of control over tinnitus or sounds