Sound Cure

Sound Cure Amplitude Modulation Sound Therapy

We offer Serenade®, a new Sound Therapy based on amplitude modulated sounds matching certain frequency zones associated with the frequencies of your particular tinnitus. Therefore, the sounds of Serenade are customized to reflect the frequency of tinnitus, degree of hearing loss, and levels of sound discomfort.

The Serenade system consists of a handheld device, earphones, and proprietary treatment sounds that research has suggested may address the underlying neurological cause of tinnitus. This technology is simple to use and has the potential to produce immediate temporary reduction of tinnitus. Therefore, unlike TRT or Neuromonics, Sound Cure has the unique capacity to act as a “fire extinguisher” for many patients suffering periodic disturbing tinnitus.

Sound Cure may be used as a treatment for immediate relief, as well as long term therapy. Since its effect does not depend on the habituation process, results can be immediate and usually are observable within the first month. However, this treatment is new and there are no clinically significant long-term results demonstrating long-term benefit as of yet. At this point, recommended use is “as needed”.  The Veterans Administration currently has Sound Cure on contract and is conducting research on its effective use. Randall Bartlett, our Tinnitus Audiologist, is a certified Sound Cure specialist.