Personal Injury

Personal Injury Victims who Suffer from Significant Tinnitus, Sound Sensitivity or Auditory Injury Deserve Treatment and Compensation

What Tinnitus and Audiology Center of Southern California Offers Personal Injury Attorneys and Their Clients

Tinnitus & Audiology Center of Southern California dedicates a significant portion of the practice to tinnitus and medical-legal cases. OUR OFFICES DO ACCEPT LIENS ON A CASE-BY-CASE BASIS. In addition, we work with QMEs and AMEs, and provide medical-legal based detailed-timely reports that meet their specialized needs, as well as the needs of attorneys. All of our four offices service patients referred by personal injury attorneys.

Typically, hearing professionals rely on patients' descriptions of tinnitus alone and report nothing more than its presence or absence. We, however, measure a wider range of hearing function, tinnitus psychoacoustics, judge the clinical significance and severity of these disorders on standardized scales, evaluate relevant comorbidities, and test responsiveness and prognosis to specific treatments. Also, only a standard limited audiogram is typically taken, which reflects only on a portion of the auditory system. Furthermore, we provide evidence of relationships to other body system dysfunctions to help reveal and substantiate complexities related to the injury. Rarely is injury isolated to the auditory system alone. Of value to you is our ability to more readily identify evidence of malingering or exaggeration and unrecognized comorbid conditions.

As a specialist in tinnitus audiology, personally trained by leaders in the tinnitus treatment field, Randall Bartlett is qualified to deliver more than 50 diagnostic and rehabilitation testing procedures. He provides all eight forms of tinnitus sound therapies and the five therapies for sound sensitivity currently in use by nationally known tinnitus centers. In addition, we are accustomed to evaluating and treating severe and complex cases. Our centers use evidenced-based methods to grade the severity of symptoms.

The treatments and devices used for patients are intended to address specific clinical profiles and symptom sets. Matching the right treatment to the right patient candidate is the current state-of-the-art for tinnitus audiology and is one of our strengths.

Thorough Testing Is Essential

You cannot rely on a doctor's rudimentary raise-you-hand-when-you-hear-the-tone basic audiogram to reveal all of the signs of auditory dysfunction or to substantiate the presence of tinnitus. Higher specificity testing, with use of standardized scales and measures of clinical severity will produce a more certain determination of your client's condition and provide supporting medical evidence. This allows us to determine your client's treatment needs, prognosis for treatment, and projected costs of rehabilitation.

For those suffering severe tinnitus, the negative impact on life and function can be overwhelming. Common conditions experienced include depression, anxiety, sleep disorders and PTSD, and potentially, even suicidal tendencies. However, in over 80% of cases, significant reduction in intrusiveness can be accomplished through the use of the correct tinnitus and hearing sound therapies, audiological and psychological counseling, and the proper management of identified co-morbid related conditions.

Other Benefits We Provide You and Your Clients

We have the ability to:

  • Test and certify whether hearing aids or tinnitus masking devices would be useful as part of an effective treatment for either hearing loss or tinnitus. We also determine whether the client should use devices or treatment other than hearing aids to rehab significant tinnitus or sound sensitivity. Furthermore, we assess the initial and long-term need for the use of devices.
  • Determine the need for multi-disciplinary evaluation or treatment for tinnitus or comorbidities to tinnitus based on medical evidence and prevailing gold standards of treatment (i.e., cognitive therapy, sleep medicine, psychotherapy, biofeedback, etc.).
  • Provide any professional working on the case with information on how any specific sound therapy treatment works, as well as the initial and ongoing projected cost of treatment, and what the appropriate expectations should be from delivering any form of care.
  • Determine if clients treated by others were provided hearing aids that were insufficient or incorrect, or are exacerbating to their tinnitus or sound sensitivity problem, or are of no benefit. We document in what ways clients are dissatisfied or what problems they have, and establish why hearing aids usage has been unsuccessful for hearing loss or tinnitus management.
  • Provide comprehensive, evidence-based Tinnitus Rehabilitation Evaluations (as opposed to audiological diagnostic evaluations) to determine the most appropriate Sound Therapy for tinnitus, sound sensitivity and hearing loss, and relevant comorbid conditions.
  • Estimate the short and long term costs of Sound Therapy treatment. (For example: we might show an estimated initial $6,000 expense for tinnitus devices and treatment replaced every 3.5 years for the accrued actuarial lifespan of the client (or state it as $52,000 over 25 years adjusted for inflation). In some cases, projected costs can be considerably higher).
  • Offer second or third opinions that can address your remaining issues or concerns. Evaluation services alone are available.
  • Help determine, based on clinical research, the timeline when the effectiveness of the initial medical treatment has run its course, and when the client should then be transitioned into Sound Therapy Rehabilitation and management.
We also understand the concerns of AMEs and QMEs have as opposed to non med-legal practitioners, which can be reflective in the evaluation of patients, as well as the style and content of reports. Our Tinnitus Rehabilitation Evaluations and treatment are based on unbiased medical evidence with a full range of treatment options, which can be considered.

Our Reports

We customize our reports to address the concerns and medical evidence that personal injury attorneys and AME's need. The details we furnish attorneys provide more substance, details, documentations, and justifications to aid in understanding. In addition, we present the significance and complexities of cases and help to reveal where there may be room to further assist clients.

Should you wish to consider referring clients for our services and desire to discuss working with our program, please contact us.