Initial Consultation

Tinnitus, Hyperacusis or Misophonia Consultation

The Initial Comprehensive Tinnitus, Hyperacusis or Misophonia Consultation consists of a two part interview, evaluation and consultation with our TRT audiologist. Each session may last 2-4 hours and will be scheduled on separate days. At the conclusion of the consultation, an Individual Treatment Plan will be completed. Consultation may be followed by additional Sound Therapy treatment and additional counseling, provided at a later date, depending on the wishes of the client. Most often, treatment will include the fitting of some type of Sound Therapy devices or hearing instruments. In the case of misophonia, for long distance patients, sometimes devices can be pre-set and shipped to you, followed by a telephone consultation to provide initial use instructions. Please ask the audiologist about this option.

Due to the great length of the appointment and the large amount of information we provide, we urge you to bring your spouse (or, significant other) with you to listen and participate in the discussion. We do not include follow-up telephone consultations as part of this appointment, although separate appointments may be made for telephone meetings. (For questions concerning telephone consultation fees, contact our office). During the interview, having a key family member present is helpful, as additional information can be obtained. Also, your questions, including those that pertain to both of you, can be addressed.

Information We Need about You

We will first mail you a preliminary New Patient Packet, which includes medical history questionnaires, information about the program, a release of information request, and standard New Patient Information and HIPPA forms. Please complete all of these and mail them to our office. Do not leave anything blank. After the consultation and prior to actual tinnitus, hyperacusis or misophonia Sound Therapy treatment, we will require a prescription approving treatment or the same within a consultative report dated within the last six months from an ENT, otologist or neurologist. This must indicate your diagnosis, the absence of a medically treatable cause for tinnitus, and medical clearance to proceed with TRT. Sometimes a doctor will request a report from us or to speak with us personally before agreeing to this. In the case of misophonia, a prescription from a psychiatrist or pediatrician may suffice. We will decide if we need to clarify those items before we see you and call you if necessary.

Feel free to ask us for help. We do request receiving in advance any relevant medical records from your past visits to ENT, otology, neurology, psychiatry and psychology, or at least summaries. Having adequate records will help us help you better, and save you time and expense for a continuing initial consultation session. We can obtain most medical records for you and have them sent directly to our office in advance of your appointment, which we would prefer.

Meeting with the Tinnitus Audiologist

When you meet with our Tinnitus Audiologist, he will review your case history, the questionnaires your completed and your medical records. The second part of the consultation will consist of an extensive interview lasting about one hour. During the interview, the audiologist will ask you additional questions and discuss anything important that may be missing in your records. Therefore, we ask that you bring any additional documents you have not yet furnished us.

Next, we may need to perform a series of specialized audiological tests. This will provide us with more information specifically related to tinnitus or hyperacusis and your auditory system. SEVERAL OF THESE TESTS ARE NOT NORMALLY PERFORMED DURING A
STANDARDIZED HEARING TEST, OR MAY BE NEEDED IN MORE DETAIL. However, the audiologist will not necessarily need to repeat tests recently performed elsewhere unless they were not sufficiently completed to meet our needs, not current within the past 6 months, or less than 6 months, old if symptoms have changed.

Determining Your Treatment Recommendations

Based on all of the information he now has, an Individual Tinnitus, Hyperacusis or MisophoniaTreatment Plan is presented. An initial Phase of recommendations will then be made and discussed. If additional tests or medical consultations by other providers are indicated, he will discuss this with you at this time.


Counseling begins by first discussing the anatomy and function of the auditory system and brain as it relates to your problems. Then mechanisms for tinnitus, hyperacusis and/or misophonia are discussed and how they may be treated. We then answer your questions. Finally, we will discuss our treatment recommendations, how treatment will work in your case, expectations, how long it will take, follow-up care, and projected costs. In some cases, when patients were under treatment elsewhere and they are seeing us for a second opinion, new corrected instructions may be given and arrangements made to modify existing Sound Therapy devices at a follow-up appointment.

Beginning Your Treatment

If indicated and you agree with our recommendations, we will initiate tinnitus, hyperacusis or misophonia Sound Therapy. Treatment will get underway during a follow-up second session. Sometimes clients request additional counseling first, or must complete certain medical follow-ups first before starting.