For Physicians: Our Case Management and Expectations

Qualifications of the Audiology Tinnitus Case Manager

To deliver effective tinnitus Sound Therapies, the audiologist must complete specialized training, which provides the equivalent of a specialization in tinnitus and decreased sound tolerance management. This sub-specialty has only been in existence for about 15 years, and as such rarely has in depth university training been offered. For all practical purposes, an audiologist must seek training directly from a variety of leading specialists in the field, who are few in number, to gain a broad range of exposure to the range of clinical protocols that are used. Such mentor-directed training ensures the audiologist will not only know how to perform a full range of Sound Therapies, but will enable recognition of the appropriate options to select for each patient. To perform tinnitus Sound Therapy effectively, the audiologist virtually requires a major portion of his/her practice to be dedicated to tinnitus and decreased sound tolerance management. Leaders in the field consider this level of practice commitment essential since substantial experience is often necessary to manage complex cases with severe symptomology.

What Physicians Can Expect from Our Tinnitus and Decreased Sound Tolerance Program

Tinnitus & Audiology Center of Southern California is driven by its incessant desire to maintain the highest standards for evaluation and evidence-based rehabilitative treatment and management.

  • We abide by the "gold standard" of clinical practices. This means always adhering to the precise guidelines established by leading national tinnitus programs and researchers, such as Cleveland Clinic, the Veterans Administration National Center for Rehabilitative Audiology Research, Pawel Jastreboff, PhD, and the Oregon Health Science University Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Center.
  • Our prescribed Individual Treatment Plans are comprehensive, consider coordinated interdisciplinary care and are always based on evidence-based clinically validated protocols as followed by leading national centers.
  • All patients are presented with multiple treatment options to help ensure patient motivation and acceptance to the treatment plan, following the principles of Progressive Audiologic Tinnitus Management (PATM).
  • We are trained to recognize patients suffering from severe levels of disturbance. This ensures patients with significant problems are identified and sent along the right path.
  • We routinely measure, document and report intrusiveness using many types of clinically validated scales for tinnitus, hyperacusis, misophonia, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, TMJ-TMD, PTSD, suicide and other conditions. We also document progress using these as outcome measurements.
  • We provide timely reports including data from diagnostic testing of tinnitus and sound sensitivity, hearing loss, response to treatment test devices, intrusiveness and problem identification scales.

Patients Referred by You to Our Program

When a prospective patient initially contacts us, we determine whether the individual is first in need of a tinnitus, sound sensitivity and hearing loss diagnostic work-up or a partial work-up. Usually, a patient will only have had a routine audiogram, which is insufficient for adequate rehabilitation management.

Next, we determine whether the patient is a candidate for an Initial Comprehensive Tinnitus Consultation, which, in most cases, consists of a comprehensive battery of over 50 procedures that focus on rehabilitation outcomes. This requires 2 to 3 hours of face-to-face patient contact. Alternatively, we offer TRT Tinnitus Counseling sessions of 60 or 90 minutes when the patient provides an adequately comprehensive medical history, test results and a physician's summary of findings and recommendations.

Once we determine the level of service required, we obtain the individual's insurance information to determine potential coverage. The degree of insurance benefits varies from 70% to nothing, depending on the specific procedures and other factors. Should the assessment or consultation reveal the need for treatment, we make every effort to offer affordable options. The good news is that most patients have multiple treatment options and we have been able to provide treatment in over 90% of cases. Ultimately, of course, pursuing treatment is up to the patient.

Get Your Questions Answered and Test Our Program

We invite you to become more informed about our services. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you more detailed information.

Randall Bartlett, Clinical Director, is also available to speak with you personally by phone or in person to discuss our program. We now offer four locations in the Los Angeles County area: Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, Pasadena and Los Angeles (in the Cedars complex).

Once you are more familiar with our program and your questions have been answered, we suggest you send us a patient. We will keep you informed of your referral's progress and encourage your patient to contact you to provide his/her perspective concerning our delivery of services.

Our tinnitus practice only grows if we deliver outstanding service. Based on our ten-year history treating tinnitus and over thirty years providing general audiology services, we can promise you complete satisfaction. We look forward to further discussing how we may benefit your program.

Consultative Outsource Tinnitus Audiology Services versus Referral for Direct Patient Management

We now offer Consultative Tinnitus Audiology Services to practitioners who would prefer to utilize us for making rehabilitative recommendations only, with the remainder of care and any device sale and ongoing service provided by your own audiology team. Call us to discuss your particular needs. Arrangements are made on a case-by-case basis, including sub-contracting options.